Messa is a Chef restaurant that was established in 2004 and is considered to be one of the leading restaurants in Israel. MESSA means “Table” in Spanish – hence the inspiration of the restaurant’s name, and the exclusive extended concept table.

MESSA has gained international recognition and has been ranked in the esteemed Design Magazine Wall Paper as one of the 50 most beautiful restaurants in the world. Furthermore, the Tourism Magazine CONDA NEST TRAVELLER included MESSA in the list of the best and “hottest” restaurants in the world. The restaurant has received enthusiastic reviews from the world’s leading restaurant critics. Over the years, politicians, artists and celebrities from all over the world frequented MESSA.

The restaurant, which was designed by the international architect Alex Meitlis, offers two complementary areas. In both areas one may enjoy the same menu. The restaurant area, entirely painted white, is elegantly designed .The bar compound, which is entirely black, provides a warm and intimate atmosphere. During the week, concept nights and live performances of artists, bands, DJs and events are held at the bar. The uniqueness of MESSA is that one may enjoy several worlds in one recreation evening: Starting with an intimate and romantic dinner at the restaurant and continuing to the bar area for a free and vibrant leisure experience.

The private room overlooks the restaurant area and is suitable for events, toasts, team nights and discussions.

The menu is based on ingredients from all over the world and combines a variety of cooking techniques including Mediterranean, French, Italian and Asian culinary influences. The dishes are aesthetic and colorful and contain creative combinations. The rich alcohol menu includes the best brands and a variety of cocktails. The menu contains more than 200 wines, including wines from leading boutique wineries and large wineries from Israel and other countries.